The Vipassana Experiment
An impressive film about what is possible through meditation

 What happens, when meditation is practiced on a large scale by a group? When that which Osho taught for over 40 years is put into practice?

This film provides the answer.

In India in the mid ’90s, the largest spiritual experiment of the century was carried out: In the largest prison in India and, with 10.000 inmates, one of the largest in the world, a revolution was started that is unthinkable for westerners.

In 1993, Kiran Bedi, an extraordinarily courageous and confident woman, took over the running of the prison and pursued only one goal from the very beginning: to transform this hell of negative justice into an Ashram, a place to transform and develop personalities. A place where people could grow and find themselves.

She was inspired by her basic knowledge: „If you can not solve a problem then you are a part of the problem yourself. “

At first, the only desire was to fundamentally change the untenable conditions of the detention institute.  But how does one do that?  She was still missing a concept regarding concrete implementation.  Only once an active meditator amongst the prison attendants introduces Vipassana to her is the answer found.  Now a true avalanche begins its movement.

Vipassana is an ancient Indian meditation technique which was invented more than 2500 years ago by Buddha. The one and only thing that it advocates is observing understanding and finding the point in itself, which lies beyond the constant unrest of the spirit.   

In order to repair the contemptuous conditions of the detention institute, she first sent the attendants on a 10 day Vipassana retreat.  Because only thereby could the conditions amongst the inmates also change.

The first test run was thus initiated with the inmates and soon a giant meditation camp with over 1000 serious offenders was also carried out.

One could never have predicted what was to come out of their mouths. Many are truly grateful to have served in this prison as it has only then been made possible for them to find themselves.

When, on completion of the retreats, the director of prison embraces each individual participant and the tough guys weep in his arms, one asks oneself why in the world such a thing is not also possible in the western world.

58 min