unpublished private recordings made in Uruguay, Jamaica, Portugal and elsewhere during Osho’s world tour

In informed circles it has been known for sometime, that the US-Government and the Reagan Administration destroyed the Commune in Oregon, illegally kidnapped Osho and held him under arrest for 12 days without warrant.

Also, it is widely known that he was then hounded by CIA agents around the world, who attempted to stop him from speaking in public.

Osho gave at that time some of his most important discourses and answered very intense and intimate questions posed by his closest disciples.

During that time he was forcibly expelled from 21 countries around the world, mostly after  the direct intervention of the US government. Amongst these were countries like England, Portugal, Ireland and Jamaica.

Even if a state was willing to accept Osho and issued a visa for him and his closest friends, minutes later an American jet would land on the nearby tarmac and serious looking officials would come out with cases full of documents.

If this country was still not willing to kick Osho out, it would be openly blackmailed with the withdrawal of loans and international support.

Osho was expelled from Uruguay after such an incident, where he had stayed on a tourist visa for almost 3 months.



Afternoon Chill out on his Veranda in
Kulu-Manali, Himalayas, India

Even the European Union showed its ugliest face when the European Parliament issued an resolution about Osho "having regards to the anxiety felt by many parents, that their children may unwillingly (!) be drawn into the Bhagwan cult and suffer adverse psychological effects as a result.......... calls on the minister meeting ...... to do their utmost to ensure that the Bhagwan leader is no longer allowed to settle in any Community member State....All Community Member States are expected to take measures provided within their legal systems to prevent his residence on their territory."

Sometimes the Sannyasins would manage to escape from the agents and find a few rare days of resting in some remote country house before once again the police knocked on their doors and they were thrown out of the country.

Again Osho would have to look for a new country that might consider giving him shelter and could tolerate his talks for a few days.

Osho rarely gave discourses during that time, only at places where he stayed longer. These were Kullu-Manali in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, the island of Crete and Uruguay.

The house in Uruguay in which Osho
stayed from February until March1986


In all other countries he did not speak in public and only very few incidents have been filmed. Even that rare film footage has not been published up to now.

This is the first film which puts most of this very rare footage together.


Sannyasins waiting for Osho to pass by on his way into his hotel in Katmandu, Nepal, 14. January 1986