Bhagwan – Poona 1975



Rajneesh: Spiritual Terrorist
(Australian TV-Documentary from 1989)


This brilliantly investigated documentary by an Australian film team, produced one year before Osho left his body, gives us an in-depth view into the ashram and the work of a spiritual master.

It tells the story of Matthew, an Australian husband, who decides to travel to the Osho ashram in Poona to find himself, against the wishes of his wife who thinks that his place is not in Poona but at her and their baby’s side.

But he still goes and the film team go with him.

From then on they follow every step he takes, from his arrival and check-in at the gate to his first experiences with meditation up to his first therapy group.

The film describes very sensitively all the changes Matthew goes through.

Finally he decides to become a Sannyasin himself.
 Parallel to his story the film also portraya Osho and his complete biography. We basically come to know Osho through the eyes of Matthew, who gradually acquires deeper and more profound insights into Osho’s work and starts to understand more and more.
This film team managed to take some extraordinary shots of Osho, e. g. some very rare film sequences from Osho inside his prison cell, taken from the monitoring camera of the prison.


The film team endeavoured not to bring any superstitions or prejudices into their work but to show things the way they came to know them.

One feels that they did not just make a film hiding behind their cameras and keeping themselves aloof and distances but that they themselves went through a growth experience.