Scandal: The man who was God

A technically brilliant US documentary on the ranch in Oregon and the time immediately after its dissolution.




But aside from its technical brilliance the film is a compilation of superstitions and malicious assumptions.


First of all Osho never stated that "I am God" and this makes the title of the film completely hilarious. Some infotainment workers were obviously more interested in fabricating a thrilling story than investigating what really happened.

Above all, it also requires some intelligence to understand an ancient eastern concept used by thousands of mystics throughout the centuries, that existence, including each human being, is one organic unity and called God by many religions.

With a little bit of investigation even the most stupid journalist would be able to understand Osho’s statement.

But obviously none of these journalists were available when this film was produced.


Again a strange character has a platform on which to spread his wired thoughts: Osho’s self-proclaimed former bodyguard, who has the chance to express exclusive and particularly secret insider knowledge.

It is enough to say that there was never a post of bodyguard in Poona and this might give us an insight into his mental condition and help to put his other statements into place.


Although the intention of this documentary is quite clear , many facts are very well investigated and if one reads between the lines one can find some amazing things.

For example, how a girl like Sheela from the starting time of the ranch during the years of intimate contact with the US authorities and media develops into a hardened woman. Is she now more a victim or more a criminal?


The insight remains that power corrupts, no matter under which circumstances. Even the proximity of a master makes no difference if one is not ready to face and understand oneself.

In the end the question emerges:

Isn’t "Sheela" a part of us all?

 1:15 min