Since a few years I am trying to save as much footage as possible about Osho and the early years in Poona.
Quite a few Sannyasins have filmed in the 70s in Poona with their 8mm cameras.

While most of it got lost or was thrown away as seemingly unimportant, some still have these treasures hidden in their basements,
often without even knowing about it themselves.

Some parts I discovered while digitalizing and editing these old 8mm film rolls are also interesting for other Sannyasins.
If possible I will by and by make them available here.

This small videos shows the earliest footage of Disha, who
died much to early in 2005


  Big screen videos about Osho on seperate sites:


The earliest film about Osho by a film maker from Califonia.
Even though is shows in the beginning the year 1978, the film was actually filmed in 1975
Bhagwan 1975


A video about Osho produced during the ranch time.
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: His Vision and His Work




"One of the things that first caused me to have interest in him was the fact that he was so soundly and roundly rejected and attacke"
Interview with Tom Robbins


Some interesting parts of a documentary about Rajneeshpuram, the ranch in Oregon / USA
Rise and Fall of Rajneeshpuram