This Commune The Buddhafield (1980)

This Commune The Buddhafield (1980)




In 1980, five  years after the film "Bhagwan 1975" the ashram presented itself in an entirely different way.


Now western Sannyasins dominated the scenery, visitors were coming in their thousands and Osho was already being driven in a Mercedes Benz.

The commune was now being professionally managed and included facilities like a bookshop, a carpentry workshop, a medical unit and a huge canteen. In the newly erected Buddha Auditorium Osho gave his breathtaking discourses to an assembly of a few thousands Sannyasins and the gathered world press.

A few days later these discourses would be printed and distributed as books or audio tapes around the world.


The ashram had become the largest and most important spiritual growth centre in the world.

More then a dozen therapy groups from Zen to Encounter and Tarot reading were held daily in the sound proof therapy chambers.

Due to the enormous interest of the world press, more and more people found their way to the ashram, which by now was far too small, even though it had grown to several times its original size.


At this point no one could imagine that Osho would soon create something very much bigger.
But this would no longer be in India, the story would continue in Oregon, USA.

This is the last extensive documentation of the ashram before Osho left India for the US.